March 23, 2017

Safety Net, Research Funding High on NAFA List of Priorities for DC Fly-In
NAFA Representatives Meet with EPA to Discuss Bees, Crop Protection Tools
Preventing Winter Injury in Alfalfa
USDA-ARS Appoints Pacific West Area Director
NAFA Annual Report
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Safety Net, Research Funding High on NAFA List of Priorities for DC Fly-In

The need for a legitimate safety net for alfalfa farmers, as well as enhanced research funding were just two of the priorities stressed during NAFA’s 7th Annual DC Fly-In, held on February 6-9. With all signs pointing to an early start in crafting the next farm bill, NAFA members made sure lawmakers were aware that alfalfa is one of the country’s most valuable field crops and key to sustainable agricultural systems. Being recognized in policy and research funding decisions is critical to keeping pace with other cropping choices.


High on the list of concerns was the lack of an adequate safety net for alfalfa. Due to the fact that alfalfa is not a Title I program crop, alfalfa farmers do not have access to the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) options which were made available in the previous farm bill to growers of program crops. Click here for the complete article.

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NAFA Representatives Meet with EPA to Discuss Bees, Crop Protection Tools

NAFA’s DC Fly-In gave alfalfa seed farmers the opportunity to visit with representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about bee safety and crop protection tools which are essential to the industry. Alfalfa seed farmers rely heavily on alkali and leafcutter bees to pollinate their alfalfa seed crop and go to great lengths to protect them. While crop protection tools are essential to alfalfa seed production, bee safety is a top priority for alfalfa seed farmers. NAFA shared a recent video segment featuring Mark and Tim Wagoner, alfalfa seed farmers in Walla Walla Valley in Washington (click here to view video).


The meeting gave NAFA’s alfalfa seed grower representatives the opportunity to demonstrate to EPA the great lengths to which they go to ensure the safety of their bees, as well as to talk about the crop protection tools that will be most effective against pests while maintaining bee safety. Alfalfa seed growers have worked for years to develop integrated pest management plans and other tools to protect bees and used this opportunity with EPA to discuss those activities.


For many years, the partnerships between EPA, NAFA, State Departments of Agriculture, and alfalfa seed farmers have allowed for the growth and prosperity of the alfalfa seed industry, while at the same time have protected essential and sensitive bees which are critical to the successful production of alfalfa seed. Continuing to cultivate and enhance this relationship is an ongoing priority for the continued success of the industry.

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Preventing Winter Injury in Alfalfa
Brian Gueck, America’s Alfalfa Brand Manager

After an unusual winter filled with a variety of weather conditions, alfalfa producers in several areas of the country are approaching this spring with concerns about stand health. Many farmers might find winterkill to be a more serious problem than usual, and although they will be forced to work with the hand they’ve been dealt this year, there are ways to enhance stand health and prevent winter injury with future stands. Click here for the complete article.

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USDA-ARS Appoints Pacific West Area Director

Dr. Robert Matteri has been appointed by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service as the new Director of the Pacific West Area. Dr. Matteri has served as Director of the Midwest Area since 2012, and held a myriad of scientific and leadership positions throughout his 26-year career.


Before moving to the Midwest Area office, Dr. Matteri served as Assistant Director and Associate Director of the Pacific West Area.


Dr. Matteri joined ARS in 1991 as a research physiologist in the Animal Physiology Research Unit, Columbia, MO, and was selected to be the unit’s research leader the following year. He was named the Midwest Area Early Career Scientist of the Year in 1994 and served a detail assignment as Acting National Program Leader for Animal Production in 1999. While working in Columbia, he developed an interdisciplinary cooperative research program between ARS and the University of Missouri and a personal research program that attracted national and international recognition in the areas of livestock growth and appetite regulation.


Dr. Matteri earned a BA in zoology from Humbolt State University in Arcata, CA, and MS and Ph.D. degrees in animal physiology from the University of California.

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NAFA Annual Report

The 2015-16 National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance Annual Report is a summary of the accomplishments and activities undertaken by NAFA over the course of the past year. Click here for the entire report.

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  • NAFA Summer Board Meeting
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