February 27, 2019

Forage Seeding Crop Insurance Sales Closing Dates Fast Approaching
"Hay," Mark Your Calendar!
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Forage Seeding Crop Insurance Sales Closing Dates Fast Approaching

Farmers invest a lot of time and money into their new alfalfa crop. In order to protect their investment, farmers are being reminded that the final date to apply for forage seeding coverage for many areas of the country is approaching fast. Current policyholders and uninsured farmers must make all of their decisions on crop insurance coverage before the sales closing date, the last day to buy federal crop insurance. The sales closing dates for forage seeding coverage in the following states are:

  • March 15 (IA, MI, MN, MT, ND, SD, WI, WY)
  • July 31 (CA, NV, UT)
  • (MD, ME, NJ, NY, PA, and VT have a spring-seeded sales closing date of March 15 and a fall-seeded sales closing date of July 31)

Forage seeding coverage is a dollar value policy which establishes a set price per acre for the forage seeding. This value is dependent upon the level of coverage selected and it changes every year. The policy varies slightly among states in which it’s available. RMA's online Cost Estimator can provide insurance premium amount estimates. To see which counties are available, visit the Actual Information browser. Coverage protects against adverse weather conditions, such as hail, frost, freeze, wind, drought and excess moisture; failure of irrigation water supply; fire, if due to natural causes; plant disease and insects; or wildlife.


Federal crop insurance is critical to the farm safety net. It helps farmers manage risks and strengthens the rural economy. Farmers are encouraged to visit their crop insurance agent soon to learn specific details for the 2019 forage seeding policy. Agents can help farmers determine what policy works best for their operation and review existing coverage to ensure the policy meets their needs.


Federal crop insurance policies are sold and delivered solely through private crop insurance companies and agents. To find a crop insurance agent near you, use RMA's Agent Locator page by clicking here. For more information, visit www.rma.usda.gov.

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"Hay," Mark Your Calendar!

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