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Profitable Alfalfa Production Sustains the Environment
November 14-17, 2022

-Subject to Change-

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  7:00 Exhibits/Continental Breakfast
Opening Ceremony
  8:00 Welcome
Tom Vilsack, US Department of Agriculture Secretary (invited)
Christine Birdsong, California Department of Food & Agriculture Undersecretary
Session I: Alfalfa in a Global Context
Moderator: Dan Wiersma, Corteva Agriscience
  8:20 Profitable Alfalfa Production Sustains the Environment
Daniel Putnam, University of California - Davis, CA USA
  8:40 How Alfalfa Markets Work in North America
Josh Callen, The Hoyt Report - Twin Falls, ID USA
  9:00 Economics of World Forage Trade
Dan Sumner, University of California - Davis, CA USA
  9:20 Challenges & Opportunities for Alfalfa Moving Forward
Dennis Hancock, USDA-ARS, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center - Madison, WI USA
  10:00 Break/Exhibits
Session II: Alfalfa in an Ecological Context
Moderator: Daniel Basigalup, INTA
  10:30 Setting the Scene of Alfalfa Ecosystem Services at Rotation & Territory Levels:
Toward a Better Use of Alfalfa
Christian Huyghe, INRAE - Paris, France
  10:50 Cropping Alfalfa for Biodiversity Restoration Above & Belowground
Marisol Berti, North Dakota State University - Fargo, ND USA
  11:10 Alfalfa for Better Management of Farm Scale Nitrogen
Ying Jun Zhang, China Agricultural University - Beijing, China
  11:30 Summing Alfalfa Benefits in Agroecosystems
Emily Meccage, Forage Genetics International - Muncy, PA USA
  12:00 Lunch/Exhibits
Concurrent Sessions • Session III: Forage Quality & Utilization
Moderator: Dave Taysom, Dairyland Laboratories
  13:30 Defining Quality in Alfalfa (Deconstructing the Plant)
David Weakley, Forage Genetics International - Gray Summit, MO USA
  13:50 Linking Forage Quality with Economic Value
Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University - Wooster, OH USA
  14:10 Opportunities for Global Standardization of Quality Measurement
Ralph Ward, Cumberland Valley Analytical Services - Waynesboro, PA USA
Concurrent Sessions • Session IV: Genetics, Biotech, & Genomics
Moderator: Glenda Gehl, Forage Genetics International
  13:30 Gene Editing in Alfalfa
Zeng-Yu Wang, Qingdao Agricultural University - Qingdao, China
  13:50 Genomic Selection for Alfalfa
Esteban Rios, University of Florida - Gainesville, FL USA
  14:10 Alfalfa Genome Sequencing
Tao Wang, China Agricultural University - Beijing, China
  14:30 Lightning Talks
  15:00 Break/Exhibits
Concurrent Sessions • Session V: Modelling, Growth, & Physiology
Moderator: Alejandro Andrade-Rodriguez, University of Nevada, Reno
  15:30 Modelling Growth & Quality of the Alfalfa-Livestock System
Derrick Moot, Lincoln University - Christchurch, New Zealand
  15:50 Simulating Alfalfa Growth Dynamics of Fall Dormancy Classes Across Environments
Ken Boote, University of Florida - Gainesville, FL USA
  16:10 Modelling Alfalfa Yield Response to Limited Water
Isaya Kisekka, University of California - Davis, CA USA
  16:30 Lightning Talks
      Prospects for Improving Alfalfa Yield Using Genomic- & Phenomic-Based Breeding
    Matt Francis, University of California - Davis, CA USA
      Evaluating Alfalfa Salinity Tolerance in the Field: What are the Challenges?
    Sharon Benes, California State University - Fresno, CA USA
      Surface Irrigation Using Cloud-Based Automation, Sensors, & Data Analytics
    Peter Moller, Rubicon Water - Imperial, CA USA
      Remote Sensing-Based Estimation of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Forage Yield &
    Quality Under Drought Using Multispectral & LiDAR Imagery
    Umair Gull, University of Agriculture - Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan
Concurrent Sessions • Session VI: Soil Health & Fertility
Moderator: Leonard Lauriault, New Mexico State University
  15:30 Economics of Alfalfa Fertilization Under Inflated Hay & Fertilizer Prices
Steve Norberg, Washington State University - Pasco, WA USA
  15:50 Alfalfa Response to P & K in Association with Calcium, Magnesium, & Harvest Time
Anowar Islam, University of Wyoming - Laramie, WY USA
  16:10 Water Use & Crop Productivity of Alfalfa-Wheat Rotation Systems in Rainfed Areas
Yuying Shen, Lanzhou University - Lanzhou, China
  16:30 Quantifying N Credits of Alfalfa in Rotation
Kim Cassida, Michigan State University - Lansing, MI USA
  16:50 Lightning Talk
      Attacking the Yield Plateau: Assessing Nutrient Status of Kentucky Alfalfa Stands
    William Fleming, University of Kentucky - Princeton, KY USA
  17:00 Poster Session/Exhibits  click to view poster abstracts
  18:00 California Beach Dinner Party
  7:00 Exhibits/Continental Breakfast
Session VII: Water Issues & Utilization Opportunities with Alfalfa
Moderator: Deborah Samac, USDA-ARS
  8:00 Facing Realities of Water Limitations in the Western US
Daniel Keppen, Family Farm Alliance - Malin, OR USA
  8:20 When You Just Don't Have Enough: Producing Irrigated Alfalfa Under Deficit Conditions
Matt Yost, Utah State University - Logan, UT USA
  8:40 Opportunities for Alfalfa Protein Extraction
Jo Heuschele, USDA-ARS - St. Paul, MN USA
  9:10 Separating Clover & Alfalfa Leaves During Harvest to Provide Protein for Pigs or Poultry
Heinz Bernhardt, Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany
  10:00 Break/Exhibits
Session VIII: Forages, Climate, & Soil Health
Moderator: Christian Huyghe, INRAE
  10:30 Climate Change & Forage Production
Alan Rotz, USDA-ARS - University Park, PA USA
  10:50 Can Alfalfa Improve Soil Carbon Storage?
Josh Gamble, USDA-ARS - St. Paul, MN USA
  11:10 Soil Health & Biological Benefits of Alfalfa Rotations
Nicole Tautges, Michael Fields Institute - East Troy, WI USA
  11:30 Tackling Realities of Animal Carbon Emissions & Its Link to Forage Carbon Cycling
Frank Mitloener, University of California - Davis, CA USA
  11:50 Lightning Talks
  12:00 Lunch/Exhibits
Concurrent Sessions • Session IX: World Trade in Alfalfa & Hay Crops
Moderator: Mike Davidson, Sage Hill Northwest Inc
  13:30 Reviewing Export Statistics
Dan Sumner, University of California - Davis, CA USA
  13:45 Regulatory Perspectives on World Trade
John Szczepanski, U.S. Forage Export Council - Portland, OR USA
  14:00 Forage Trade Perspectives (Panel)
Blaine Calaway, Calaway Trading - Ellensburg, WA USA
Bill Plourd, El Toro Export - San Diego, CA USA
Jose Miguel Ochoa, Alfeed - Huesca, Spain
Rommel Castellanos, Global Consultant
Pierre Begoc, Désialis - Paris, France
Jason Liu, Consultant - Beijing, China
Yang Zhuomeng, Beijing HDR Trading - Beijing, China
Concurrent Sessions • Session X: Alfalfa Systems & Grazing
Moderator: Krista Lea, University of Kentucky
  13:30 Optimizing Alfalfa Grazing Systems in Argentina
Anibal Pordomingo, INTA - Anguil, Argentina
  13:50 Integrated Systems for Harvest Management
Jennifer Tucker, University of Georgia - Tifton, GA USA
  14:10 Intercropping Alfalfa with Corn
John Grabber, USDA-ARS, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center - Madison, WI USA
  14:30 Lightning Talks
  15:00 Break/Exhibits
Concurrent Sessions • Session XI: Breeding Alfalfa for the Future
Moderator: Virginia Moore, Cornell University
  15:30 Alfalfa Breeding with Implementation of Molecular Tools
Bernadette Julier, INRAE - Lusignan, France
  15:50 Breeding for Alfalfa Compatibility with Corn
Heathcliffe Riday, USDA-ARS - Madison, WI USA
  16:10 Utilizing Wild Relatives in Alfalfa Breeding
Alan Humphries, SARDI - Adelaide, Australia
  16:30 Breeding Objectives for the Future (Panel)
Charlie Brummer, University of California - Davis, CA USA
Steve Damon, Corteva Agriscience - West Salem, WI USA
Joe Bouton, University of Georgia - Athens, GA USA
Federico Sciarretta, Gentos - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bill Knipe, Forage Genetics International - Nampa, ID USA
Concurrent Sessions • Session XII: Innovations in Forage Equipment
Moderator: Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  15:30 Quantifying Machinery Traffic During Alfalfa Harvest & Assessing Yield & Forage Quality Impact
Brian Luck, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI USA
  15:50 Innovative Method of Drying Hay
Ed Shaw, Agri Green Enterprises Inc and I Q Forage ltd - Carstairs, AB Canada
  16:10 Using a DewPoint Steamer to Minimize Leaf Loss During Hay Baling
Logan Staheli, Staheli West - Cedar City, UT USA
  16:30 Using NIRS Leaf Percentage Analysis to Determine Harvest Efficiency
Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI USA