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Profitable Alfalfa Production Sustains the Environment
November 14-17, 2022

-Subject to Change-

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1. Developing Regionally-Adapted, Resilient Alfalfa Germplasm Pools
Brummer, Riday, Viands, Hansen, Moore, Irish, Putnam, Rios, Acharya, Claessens, Boe
2. Analysis of DNA Extraction Protocols For Transgenic Events Determination in Alfalfa
Paz, Coria, Parellada, Mondino, Palma, Cornacchione
3. Salinity Effects on the Performance of Alfalfa Populations in a Semiarid Environment of Argentina
Cornacchione, Prieto Angueira
4. Prospects for Improving Alfalfa Yield Using Genomic- & Phenomic-Based Breeding
Francis, Pap, Krill-Brown, Brummer
5. Breeding Drought-Tolerant Alfalfa Cultivars as a Strategy for Facing Global Change in Mediterranean Environments
Inostroza, Espinoza, Ovalle, del Pozo, Barahona, Gerding, Nazzicari, Annicchiarico, Noushahi
6. Spring Black Stem & Stemphylium Leaf Spot Resistance Screening in the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System's Medicago Spp. Genetic Resources
Irish, Porter, Heineck, Samac
7. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Breeding & Selection Under Heavy Grazing: Effects on Persistence in
Non-Dormant Varieties
Lopez Tessore, Sciarretta, Jauregui, Miri, Amadeo, Caradus, Belgrave, Brummer
8. Optimization of Marker Density in Genomic Prediction in Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.)
Sipowicz, Andrade, Fernandes Filho, Resende, Ferrao, Rios
9. What Have We Learned from 20 Years of Breeding for Alfalfa Root System Architecture?
Xu, Bucciarelli, Cao, York, Lamb, Gamble, Samac
10. Genomics-Assisted Breeding to Enhancing Alfalfa Resistance to Biotic & Abiotic Stresses
Yu, Medina
Agronomic Practices
11. Evaluating the Response of Two Alfalfa Varieties to Deficit Irrigation in Northern Nevada
Andrade, Cholula, Quintero, Solomon
12. Yield-Quality Tradeoff of Higher Quality Alfalfa Cultivar under Different Cutting Schedules in California's
Central Valley
Begna, Perez, Mohamed, Swanson, Brummer, Wang, Bali, Putnam
13. Evaluating Alfalfa Salinity Tolerance in the Field: What are the Challenges?
Benes, Putnam, Singh, Anderson, Gull, Galdi, Hutmacher, Brummer
14. Salinity Tolerance & Forage Quality Comparison for Four Varieties of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
De Leon, Sharma, Bushoven, Benes, Riar
15. Attacking the Yield Plateau: Assessing Nutrient Status of Kentucky Alfalfa Stands
Fleming, Teutsch, Ritchey, Grove
16. Long-Term Effects of Fall Dormancy & Grazing Frequency on Root Biomass of Lucerne Pastures
Jauregui, Sciarretta, Lopez Tessore, Garro, Bigliardi, Miri, Berone, Moot
17. Alfalfa Informational Resources: Staying Current
Smith, Lea, Henning, Basigalup, Putnam, Lehmkuhler, Van Valin, Tucker, Teutsch
18. Utilizing Pre-Plant Treatments for Weed Management for Alfalfa Stand Establishment
19. Using Spray Drones to Control Insect Pests in Alfalfa
Long, Li, Giles
20. Surface Irrigation Using Cloud-Based Automation, Sensors, & Data Analytics
21. Aerial Biomass Production of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in Response to Row Spacing & Cutting Frequency
Olivo, Berone, Cicore, Cerrudo, Castano
22. Long-Term Effects of Fall Dormancy & Grazing Frequency on Forage Production & Consumption of Lucerne
Sciarretta, Jauregui, Lopez Tessore, Garro, Bigliardi, Miri, Berone, Moot
23. Can a Second Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Add Value to Alfalfa?
Soil Health/Fertility
24. Soil Health in Alfalfa Receiving Full & Deficit Irrigation
Leinfelder-Miles, Gull, Suarez Romero, Putnam, Geisseler, Horwath, Kisekka
25. Can Almond Shell Mulch be Applied to Established Alfalfa Fields Without Impacting Productivity?
Light, Long
26. Impact of Fertilizer Price & Hay Price on Optimum Rate of Phosphorus & Potassium Fertilization of
Irrigated Alfalfa
Norberg, Fransen, Harrison, Llewellyn
Environmental Benefits/Climate Change
27. Differential Morpho-Physiological & Chlorophyll Fluorescence Responses to Salt Stress in Two Alfalfa Cultivars
Barbieri, Luna, Cornacchione, Parola, Rodriguez
28. The Role of Alfalfa in Carbon Farming. A Case Study in Emilia-Romagna
Pignagnoli, Valli, Zatta, Pacchioli, Bagnara, Letardi, Severi
Forage Quality/Utilization
29. Alfalfa Planting Date Influences Nutritive Value in the Semiarid US Southwest
Lauriault, Marsalis, Miller
30. Development of New Alfalfa Products in Combination with Almond Hulls for Emerging Domestic
& International Markets
Swanson, Zack, DePeters, Putnam
New Uses
31. Producer & Consumer Survey: Increasing Alfalfa Hay Sales to Horse Owners
Lea, Coleman, Lawrence, Zimmerman, Smith
32. Alfalfa Leaf Protein Concentrate in Aquafeeds to Enhance Finfish Production & Reduce Environmental Impacts in Aquaculture Production
Samac, Deng, Shepherd, Digman
33. Fungal Inhibition of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) & Alfalfa Endophytic Bacteria Against Colletotrichum trifolii & Phytophthora megasperma
Moreno, Arolfo, Lopez, Endorzain, Bigatton, Ayoub, Lucini, Lagares, Odorizzi, Basigalup
34. Microbial Community Analysis for Identification of Novel Alfalfa Pathogens
Samac, Larsen, Schlatter
35. Assessing Commercial Biological Control Agents for Activity Against Alfalfa Root Rotting Pathogens
Rebstock, Tordsen, Daniels, Rachynska, Sathoff
36. Feeding Strategies for the Mitigation of Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions Using Alfalfa Under Grazing & Feedlot Production Systems
Alvarez, Figuerola, Martinez Ferrer, Rodriguez Alves, Bustos, Brunetti, Garcia, Costantini
37. A New Caterpillar Pest, Dichomeris acuminatus Reported for the First Time in US Alfalfa Crops
Barman, Palumbo, Rethwisch
38. Effects of Irrigation Frequency & Cutting Schedules on Yield, Crop Water Productivity, & Forage Quality of Alfalfa Variety in California's Central Valley
Begna, Wang, Kelley, Mohamed, Bali, Putnam
39. Targeting the Southern USA to Increase Alfalfa Acreage & Seed Sales
Bouton, Trammell, Brummer
40. Remote Sensing-Based Estimation of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Forage Yield & Quality Under Drought Using Multispectral & LiDAR Imagery
Gull, Kisekka, Hogan, Tang, Parker, Pourreza, Cisneros, Putnam
41. Conservation & Use of the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System Temperate-Adapted Forage Legume Genetic Resources
42. Crop Water Productivity of Alfalfa Under Different Cutting Schedules
Mohamed, Begna, Bali, Perez, Brummer, Wang, Putnam
43. Evaluating & Implementing Practices to Control the Piute Ground Squirrel Epidemic in Alfalfa Fields in Utah
Nelson, Frey
44. Identification of CUF101 Allele Frequency & Population Structure from Different Seed Sources
Nonkum, Newell, Brummer
45. No-Till Planting in Alfalfa: Effect of Ground Speed & Setting of the Seeder Over Plant Stand
Olivo, Scaramuzza, Odorizzi, Arolfo
46. Restoring Grasslands With the Addition of Alfalfa in an Effort to Sustainably Increase Alfalfa Production in the Southeast
Nave Oakes, Tucker
47. Widespread Resistance of the Alfalfa Weevil to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Western United States
Wanner, Grettenberg, Rodbell, Hendrick
Regional Posters
Alfalfa in Australia & New Zealand
Humphries, Moot, Webb
Alfalfa in China & Central Asia
Liu, Zhang, Xu
Alfalfa in Europe
Alfalfa in North America
Brummer, Putnam, Sumner, Matthews, Baron, Berti, Biligetu, Boe, Cassida, Claessens, Hancock, Irish, Lemus, Min, Moore, Ray, Rios, Tucker
Alfalfa in South America
Basigalup, Odorizzi
Alfalfa in South Asia
Shakil, Gull