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Profitable Alfalfa Production Sustains the Environment
November 14-17, 2022

-Subject to Change-

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Analysis of DNA Extraction Protocols For Transgenic Events Determination in Alfalfa
Paz, Coria, Parellada, Mondino, Palma, Cornacchione
Salinity Effects on the Performance of Alfalfa Populations in a Semiarid Environment of Argentina
Cornacchione, Prieto Angueira
Productivity, Stability, & Resilience of Alfalfa Cultivars in Uruguay & Argentina
Errandonea, Picasso, Castro
Prospects for Improving Alfalfa Yield Using Genomic- & Phenomic-Based Breeding
Francis, Pap, Krill-Brown, Brummer
Opportunistic Recognition & Interaction Between Plant NCR Peptides & Rhizobia SPSs Affect Plant Immunity & Symbiotic Specificity
Kang, Shi, Yin, Guan, Lu, He, Wang
Seedling Vigor & Germination of Alfalfa Under Four Storage Times with Sterilization Treatments
Li, Wei, Min, Zhao
Genome-Wide Identification & Functional Analysis of the SWEET Gene Family in Medicago polymorpha
Liu, Yang, Yang, Wei, Min
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Breeding & Selection Under Heavy Grazing: Effects on Persistence in
Non-Dormant Varieties
Lopez Tessore, Sciarretta, Jauregui, Miri, Amadeo, Caradus, Belgrave, Brummer
Exploration, Genetic Analysis, & Breeding Application of Multifoliate Traits on Alfalfa
Wei, Zhou, Wu, Min, Li
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Resistant & Susceptible Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Cultivars After Pea Aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum) Infestation
Xu, Dai, Ban
What Have We Learned from 20 Years of Breeding for Alfalfa Root System Architecture?
Xu, Bucciarelli, Cao, York, Lamb, Gamble, Samac
Genome-Wide Analysis & Expression Profiling Reveals the Functional Diversity of Dof Gene Family in Medicago polymorpha
Yang, Min, Liu, Wei
Genomics-Assisted Breeding to Enhancing Alfalfa Resistance to Biotic & Abiotic Stresses
Yu, Medina
Agronomic Practices
Evaluating the Response of Two Alfalfa Varieties to Deficit Irrigation in Northern Nevada
Andrade, Cholula, Quintero, Solomon
Yield-Quality Tradeoff of Higher Quality Alfalfa Cultivar under Different Cutting Schedules in California's
Central Valley
Begna, Perez, Mohamed, Swanson, Brummer, Wang, Bali, Putnam
Evaluating Alfalfa Salinity Tolerance in the Field: What are the Challenges?
Benes, Putnam, Singh, Anderson, Gull, Galdi, Hutmacher, Brummer
Salinity Tolerance & Forage Quality Comparison for Four Varieties of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
De Leon, Sharma, Bushoven, Benes, Riar
Attacking the Yield Plateau: Assessing Nutrient Status of Kentucky Alfalfa Stands
Fleming, Teutsch, Ritchey, Grove
Long-Term Effects of Fall Dormancy & Grazing Frequency on Root Biomass of Lucerne Pastures
Jauregui, Sciarretta, Lopez Tessore, Garro, Bigliardi, Miri, Berone, Moot
Utilizing Pre-Plant Treatments for Weed Management for Alfalfa Stand Establishment
Using Spray Drones to Control Insect Pests in Alfalfa
Long, Li, Giles
Surface Irrigation Using Cloud-Based Automation, Sensors, & Data Analytics
Aerial Biomass Production of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in Response to Row Spacing & Cutting Frequency
Olivo, Berone, Cicore, Cerrudo, Castano
Species Patch Size at Seeding Affects the Productivity of Mixed Legume-Grass Communities
Ren, Cai, Rodrigues, Wu, Wang, Chang, Wu, Zhou, Jiang, Hu
Long-Term Effects of Fall Dormancy & Grazing Frequency on Forage Production & Consumption of Lucerne
Sciarretta, Jauregui, Lopez Tessore, Garro, Bigliardi, Miri, Berone, Moot
Can a Second Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Add Value to Alfalfa?
The Effect of Rotation on Alfalfa Autotoxicity in Hexi Corridor of China
Yin, Kang, Chai, Zhao, Shi
Soil Health/Fertility
Soil Health in Alfalfa Receiving Full & Deficit Irrigation
Leinfelder-Miles, Gull, Suarez Romero, Putnam, Geisseler, Horwath, Kisekka
Evaluation of Almond Shell Application as a Soil Amendment to Alfalfa Stands
Light, Long
Impact of Fertilizer Price & Hay Price on Optimum Rate of Phosphorus & Potassium Fertilization of
Irrigated Alfalfa
Norberg, Fransen, Harrison, Llewellyn
Composition Response of Actinomycetes & Bacteroidetes to Different Nitrogen Forms Addition in Rhizosphere Soil of Alfalfa
Zhao, Sun, Wang, Liu, Zhu, Chen, Yan
Environmental Benefits/Climate Change
Differential Morpho-Physiological & Chlorophyll Fluorescence Responses to Salt Stress in Two Alfalfa Cultivars
Barbieri, Luna, Cornacchione, Parola, Rodriguez
Comparison of Water Use Characteristics Between Bromus inermis & Medicago sativa for Revegetating Degraded Land in Agro-Pasture Ecotone in North China
Pang, Kan, Chen, Zhang, Wu, Fan
Study on Suitability of Alfalfa Fall Dormancy Types Under Future Climate Change
Shi, Wang
Life Cycle Analysis
Forage Quality/Utilization
The Effect of Different Moisture, Raining, & Additives on Fermentation Quality of Alfalfa Silage
Bao, Chen, Yu,
Alfalfa Hay Improves Rumen Fermentation & Meat Quality of Simmental Crossbred Cattle by Altering
Rumen Microbiota
Gao, Zhang, Niu, Wang, Ma, Cui, Zhu, Li, Wang, Shi
Mugwort Residues Reused as a Possible Modifier to Enhance Anaerobic Fermentation of High Moisture Alfalfa
Guo, Li, Wang, Zhou, Ni
Gut Microbiota Response to Alfalfa Leaf Meal Improves Meat Quality by Modulating Lipids Metabolism in Finishing Pigs
Guo, Gao, Niu, Ma, Huangfu, Liu, Zhu, Wang, Wang, Shi
Effects of Different Roughages on Growth Performance, Meat Quality, & Economic Benefits of Simmental Cattle
Hu, Zhao, Wang, Li, Cui, Shi, Wang, Zhu
Effects of Different Dietary Fiber Sources on Short-Chain Fatty Acid & Gas Production by in Vitro Fermentation Models of the Pregnant Sow Intestinal Microbiota
Huangfu, Ma, Zhang, Liu, Xu, Cui, Li, Wang, Wang, Shi
Effects of Different Sources of Alfalfa Hay on Lactation Performance, Ruminal Fermentation & Microflora
of Dairy Cows
La, Niu, Zhang, Wang, Ma, Cui, Zhu, Li, Wang, Shi
Effect of Alfalfa Silage & Alfalfa Meal Diets on Meat Quality of Finishing Pigs by Shaping Intestinal Microbiota
Li, Liu, Niu, Xu, Zhang, Yang, Wang, Wang, Cui, Shi
Alfalfa Saponins Prevents High Fat Diet Induced Lipid Metabolism Disorder by Regulating the Gut Microbiota - Bile Acid -Liver Axis in Rabbit
Liu, Niu, Yang, Wang, Ma, Cui, Zhu, Li, Wang, Shi
Effects of Diets from Different Fiber Sources on SCFAs & Microflora of Sow Feces in Pregnant Sows
Ma, Diao, Huangfu, Yang, Xu, Zhang, Zhu, Wang, Cui, Shi
Research Progress on Application of Alfalfa Meal in Pig Production
Ma, Huangfu, Yang, Xu, Zhang, Wang, Zhu, Wang, Cui, Shi
Alfalfa Planting Date Influences Nutritive Value in the Semiarid US Southwest
Lauriault, Marsalis, Miller
Effects of Dietary Alfalfa Meal Supplementation on Growth Performance, Gut Development & Gut Microbes in Cherry Valley Ducks
Niu, Liu, Yang, Wang, Ma, Cui, Zhu, Li, Wang, Shi
Effects of Silage Diet on Meat Quality Through Shaping Gut Microbiota in Finishing Pigs
Niu, Liu, Li, Xu, Zhang, Li, Zhu, Wang, Shi, Cui
Development of New Alfalfa Products in Combination with Almond Hulls for Emerging Domestic
& International Markets
Swanson, Zack, DePeters, Putnam
Influence of Fermentation Quality, Chemical Composition, & In Vitro Digestibility of Alfalfa Silage with Different Levels of Soil Contamination
Wang, Chen, Zhuo, Zhan, Geng, Feng, Luo, Yu
Exploring the Fermentation Quality of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Ensiled with Mugwort
Wang, Zhou, Ni, Yang
Effects of Alfalfa Meal or Fermented Alfalfa Meal Diet on Growth Performance & Intestinal Microorganisms of Weaned Piglets
Xu, Guo, Li, Ma, Niu, Yang, Huangfu, Zhang, Cui, Shi
Alfalfa Leaf Meal Improves Production Performance of Pregnant Sows & Piglets by Facilitating Gut Microbiota
Yang, Ma, Guo, Ma, Cui, Li, Zhu, Wang, Wang, Shi
Effects of Different Combinations of Alfalfa & Oat Hay on Production Performance, Digestion Metabolism & Ruminal Microflora of Dairy Cows
Zhao, Hu, Jia, Li, Cui, Shi, Li, Wang, Zhu
New Uses
Alfalfa Leaf Protein Concentrate in Aquafeeds to Enhance Finfish Production & Reduce Environmental Impacts in Aquaculture Production
Samac, Deng, Shepherd, Digman
Economics/World Trade
The Changes in the Contribution of Scientific & Technological Progress of China's Alfalfa Industry During the 13th Five Year Plan Period & the Prospect of the 14th Five-Year Plan Period
Zhang, Wang, Li, Liang
Effects of Soil Moisture & Compound Infection of Two Fungi on the Aboveground Growth of Alfalfa
Occurrence, Distribution, & Transmission of Alfalfa Viruses in China
Li, Shang, Liu, Dai, Li, Ban
Fungal Inhibition of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) & Alfalfa Endophytic Bacteria Against Colletotrichum trifolii & Phytophthora megasperma
Moreno, Arolfo, Lopez, Endorzain, Bigatton, Ayoub, Lucini, Lagares, Odorizzi, Basigalup
Underestimating Risks & Impact of Viral Diseases on Alfalfa Health
Microbial Community Analysis for Identification of Novel Alfalfa Pathogens
Samac, Larsen, Schlatter
Assessing Commercial Biological Control Agents for Activity Against Alfalfa Root Rotting Pathogens
Rebstock, Tordsen, Daniels, Rachynska, Sathoff
Feeding Strategies for the Mitigation of Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions Using Alfalfa Under Grazing & Feedlot Production Systems
Alvarez, Figuerola, Martinez Ferrer, Rodriguez Alves, Bustos, Brunetti, Garcia, Costantini
A New Caterpillar Pest, Dichomeris acuminatus Reported for the First Time in US Alfalfa Crops
Barman, Palumbo, Rethwisch
Effects of Irrigation Frequency & Cutting Schedules on Yield, Crop Water Productivity, & Forage Quality of Alfalfa Variety in California's Central Valley
Begna, Wang, Kelley, Mohamed, Bali, Putnam
Targeting the Southern USA to Increase Alfalfa Acreage & Seed Sales
Bouton, Trammell, Brummer
Remote Sensing-Based Estimation of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Forage Yield & Quality Under Drought Using Multispectral & LiDAR Imagery
Gull, Kisekka, Hogan, Tang, Parker, Pourreza, Cisneros, Putnam
Green Biorefine
Breeding Drought-Tolerant Alfalfa Cultivars as a Strategy for Facing Global Change in Mediterranean Environments
Inostroza, Espinoza, Ovalle, del Pozo, Barahona, Gerding, Nazzicari, Annicchiarico, Noushahi
Conservation & Use of the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System Temperate-Adapted Forage Legume Genetic Resources
Producer & Consumer Survey: Increasing Alfalfa Hay Sales to Horse Owners
Lea, Coleman, Lawrence, Zimmerman, Smith
Response of Alfalfa Functional Traits to Alternating Drip Irrigation Experimental Research on Mechanism
Integration of Transcriptomics & Functional Verification Analysis Reveals Chemosensory Genes in Odontothrips loti (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)
Liu, Li, Ban
Crop Water Productivity of Alfalfa Under Different Cutting Schedules
Mohamed, Begna, Bali, Perez, Brummer, Wang, Putnam
Evaluating & Implementing Practices to Control the Piute Ground Squirrel Epidemic in Alfalfa Fields in Utah
Nelson, Frey
Identification of CUF101 Allele Frequency & Population Structure from Different Seed Sources
Nonkum, Newell, Brummer
No-Till Planting in Alfalfa: Effect of Ground Speed & Setting of the Seeder Over Plant Stand
Olivo, Scaramuzza, Odorizzi, Arolfo
The Role of Alfalfa in Carbon Farming. A Case Study in Emilia-Romagna
Pignagnoli, Valli, Zatta, Pacchioli, Bagnara, Letardi, Severi
Response of Telomere Length & Telomerase Activity to Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Seed Vigour
Sun, Sun, Ma, Mao, Wang, Li
Changes in Fermentation Products, Bacterial Community Structure, & Their Functional Profiles During the Ensiling of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
Wang, Nazar, Kaka
Widespread Resistance of the Alfalfa Weevil to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Western United States
Wanner, Grettenberg, Rodbell, Hendrick