November 22, 2022

NAFA's Alfalfa Checkoff Now Accepting Proposals
NAFA's 2023 Alfalfa Variety Ratings
Now Available
The Fundamentals of Profitable Forage Production
NAFA’s 2022 Alfalfa Intensive Training Seminar (AITS) Held October 11-13
Member Spotlight - Corteva Agriscience
Iowa State University Looking to Fill Assistant Professor in Forage Extension Position
CHECKOFF/ASAFS/APRI Research Summaries
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NAFA's Alfalfa Checkoff Now Accepting Proposals

The National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance's U.S. Alfalfa Farmer Research Initiative, better known as the Alfalfa Checkoff, is now accepting proposals. Proposals are due no later than Friday, December 16, and are capped at $100,000.

Once proposals are received, a NAFA board-appointed review panel will review, score, and discuss proposals to determine which will receive approval for this round of funding. Criteria for determining which projects will be funded include, but are not limited to: 1) industry need; 2) cost effectiveness; and 3) partnerships.


Priorities include: increasing yield potential of alfalfa through genetics, biotechnology, and crop management; research and outreach of alfalfa environmental services; encouraging market development through exploration of innovative new uses; improving alfalfa forage quality and analysis through genetics, harvest management, storage systems, and sampling techniques; and NAFA Publications updates (i.e., Alfalfa Analyst and Alfalfa Germination and Growth). Preference will be given to projects which include industry support letters.


For more information and a full copy of the 2022 Round 2 request for proposals, click here.

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NAFA's 2023 Alfalfa Variety Ratings Now Available

The National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance (NAFA) has released the 2023 edition of its popular “Alfalfa Variety Ratings - Winter Survival, Fall Dormancy & Pest Resistant Ratings for Alfalfa Varieties” - a useful tool for hay and dairy farmers, extension specialists, or anyone involved in the production of alfalfa.

NAFA’s Alfalfa Variety Ratings is a publication unlike any other in providing an extensive listing of alfalfa varieties and their corresponding ratings for fall dormancy, winter survival, bacterial wilt, aphanomyces, leafhopper, and a host of other pests. The publication also includes grazing tolerance, salt tolerance, and standability, to provide you the information you need to make better informed decisions about the varieties which will perform best in a given environment.

Looking for a variety with specific attributes? Use NAFA’s searchable database to search for varieties using up to 23 different parameters. With this tool, NAFA has made finding the perfect variety as effortless as possible.

NAFA’s Alfalfa Variety Ratings publication is available in the November issue of Hay & Forage Grower magazine or by visiting NAFA’s website. Be sure to get yours today!

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The Fundamentals of Profitable Forage Production
Carla Snider, Sr. Product Dev. Mgr., CROPLAN®

With harvest complete, winter is a great time to review what worked and what didn’t on your alfalfa acres so you can make changes and tweak plans for next season. Every year there are new challenges, and this year offered plenty. Let’s review some agronomic fundamentals to help you stay on track to meet or exceed your production goals and make confident planning decisions. Click here for the complete article.

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NAFA’s 2022 Alfalfa Intensive Training Seminar (AITS) Held October 11-13

NAFA’s Alfalfa Intensive Training Seminar (AITS), considered to be the most comprehensive and popular alfalfa training and education seminar available, was held via Zoom October 11-13. Participants from across the country, as well as Canada, joined the three-day event to learn more about growing alfalfa from some of the nation's leading experts in the field of alfalfa growth and management. The program covered a wide range of topics giving participants a comprehensive overview of all areas of alfalfa production such as Value of Alfalfa in Rotations; Role of Alfalfa in Ruminant Diets; Grazing Alfalfa; Hay Preservation; Alfalfa Establishment; Alfalfa Seed and Seed Production; and Growth and Development just to name a few. Click here for the complete article.

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Member Spotlight - Corteva Agriscience

"Member Spotlight" is a new feature of NAFA News which brings into focus NAFA's valuable supporters. NAFA is fortunate to have many dedicated members/supporters which make the work we do to support the alfalfa and forage industry possible and Corteva Agriscience™ is one of them.

Corteva Agriscience was formed in 2019 as a standalone ag business after a spinoff from DowDupont. It encompassed DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection, and Dow AgroSciences. The name Corteva Agriscience was based on a combination of words meaning “heart” and “nature.” The new name was said to reflect the company’s ‘commitment to enhancing their productivity as well as the health and well-being of the consumers they serve.’ With Corteva Agriscience, three businesses with deep connections and dedication to generations of farmers were brought together.

Iowan Henry Wallace founded Hi-Bred Corn Company in 1926. The company added Pioneer to its name in 1935 to distinguish itself from other hybrid companies. DuPont purchased Pioneer Hi-Bred International in 1999, and today Corteva Agriscience is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. Its products include seed, crop protection tools, seed treatments, inoculants, and a host of other tools to help farmers flourish.

NAFA is pleased to spotlight Corteva Agriscience and its long history of supporting the alfalfa and forage community and farmers across the country.

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Iowa State University Looking to Fill Assistant Professor in Forage Extension Position

Iowa State University has announced it is seeking candidates to fill the position of Assistant Professor in Forage Extension. ISU is looking for a candidate interested in applying their skills to study the opportunities and challenges of a sustainable and productive forage-livestock system in Iowa. The successful applicant must have written and verbal communication skills and other abilities necessary to develop a strong extension and teaching program. Relevant research areas in forage systems may include, but are not limited to, production, utilization, and economic issues related to adoption and use of pastures, annual and perennial forages in extended rotations with grain crops, and in hay, silage or grazing systems. The research and extension program should focus on issues that increase the profitability and sustainability of forage use by farmers. Teaching will include instruction of Forage Crop Management (AGRON 334) an undergraduate course taught one semester each year.

This position is 12-month appointment and has primary responsibilities in extension, with secondary responsibilities in research and teaching. Interested candidates should apply no later than January 1, 2023. For a full job description and directions on how to apply click here.

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CHECKOFF/ASAFS/APRI Research Summaries  

Development of New Alfalfa Products in Combination with Almond Hulls for Emerging Domestic and International Markets - Dan Putnam, University of California-Davis

"There are large quantities of almond hulls available in California that can be fed to cattle as an economical carbohydrate-rich feed, but they are low in protein, unlike alfalfa. This project aimed to analyze combinations of different qualities of alfalfa hay mixed with almond hulls for forage quality characteristics and digestibility that would capitalize on the strengths of both feeds and create new market opportunities for alfalfa growers. Four qualities of alfalfa (low, low/medium, medium, and high) were mixed with 0, 25, 50, 75% almond hulls. Samples were analyzed via wet chemistry for quality parameters and were tested for in vitro digestibility using both the gas production over 72 hours and Daisy in vitro methods."

All CHECKOFF/ASAFS/APRI final reports and current project objectives can be found on NAFA's website at in a convenient searchable database.

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"Hay," Mark Your Calendar!

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Bayer Crop Science

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Alfalfa Partners - a brand of S&W Seed Co.
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California Alfalfa & Forage Association
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Nelson Irrigation Corporation
Nevada Alfalfa Seed Commission
Utah Farm Bureau Hay Committee
Washington Alfalfa Seed Commission
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Anderson Hay & Grain
HayDay Farms
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