Research Programs

The National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance was instrumental in securing funding for two research programs supporting the alfalfa industry:

  • Alfalfa Pollinator Research Initiative (APRI)
  • Alfalfa Seed & Alfalfa Forage Systems Research Program (AFRP)

The APRI, administered through USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), is devoted to ensuring the availability of healthy non-Apis pollinator populations essential for alfalfa seed production. APRI research focuses on pollinator management, production, safety, epidemiology and disease management, and genetics and demographics.

The AFRP, administered through USDA's National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), supports integrated, collaborative research and technology transfer to improve the efficiency and sustainability of conventional and organic forage production systems. The program is devoted to improving alfalfa forage and seed yield, improving persistence, improving alfalfa forage and seed harvesting and storage systems, improving estimates of alfalfa forage quality, and breeding.

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